IDX Web Site Automation

No more double entry! IDX (Internet Data Exchange) allows you to display all public listings from the local MLS in your own web site home search. Plus with our HS1 IDX web sites, your own listings can update automatically too. Here's how it works:

Enter your listing into your MLS.

image 2

Add and update your listings and photos as usual into the MLS. We'll take it from there. If you add extras such as virtual tours, we'll include them too. Nothing new to learn!

We receive the update from your MLS.

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Every day, your MLS sends us your most current listing data. This data is then automatically published to your web site. We update as often as possible to keep the listings fresh...24/7!


You may also offer an IDX home search with your own look.

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You can offer an IDX search with all the local MLS listings, right from your branded HS1 web site. Use our affordable templates, or dream up your own custom design and specialty searches. Since we are designers and programmers, we can create anything you want!

* Note: These services are available in selected areas when offered by your local listing service and approved by your brokerage. Local rules and regulations may apply.

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